dibawah usia 12 Tahun

kau sampaikan dgn bangga, bahwa kmrn akan berlibur keluar kota bersama ibu dan ayah, aku tau itu sekedar penyampaian kondisimu bahagia,dan baik2 saja, aku sudah tegar wahai Bapak kandungku, “Ayah” tiriku pilihan ibu.

08 Januari 2017


​ECT is a way of causing someone to have a seizure, and it is this seizure that is needed for the treatment to work. The seizure is made to happen by passing an electrical current across the person’s brain in a carefully controlled way from a special ECT machine. The current can be given to the whole brain (bilateral ECT) or just one side (unilateral ECT). The seizure itself is very similar to the seizures that occur in people with certain types of epilepsy, but it is caused on purpose in very controlled circumstances. ECT does not cause epilepsy